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Unified Exchange Compensation Fund - Final notice to claimants

This is a Notice from the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) to persons (Claimants) who lodged claims for compensation with the Unified Exchange Compensation Fund (Fund) in respect of the following companies which defaulted between 1998 and 2002.

  • C.A. Pacific Securities Limited
  • C.A. Pacific Finance Limited
  • Foreground Securities Company Limited
  • Win Successful Securities Limited
  • Lawsons Securities Company

The Fund was established under the repealed Securities Ordinance (Cap 333) to provide a measure of compensation to investors who suffered a loss due to the default of an exchange participant. Upon implementation of the Securities and Futures Ordinance on 1 April 2003, new compensation arrangements have been put in place, and the Fund’s application has been limited to defaults occurring prior to 1 April 2003. As matters relating to such defaults are now largely completed, the SFC will shortly be commencing the process of winding down the Fund.

The SFC notes however that a portion of the monies and securities payable to Claimants from the Fund remains uncollected, and the SFC has been unable to contact or locate the Claimants concerned given how long ago the defaults occurred. If you are a Claimant (or the beneficiary of a deceased Claimant), you should immediately contact the SFC at 2231 1233 or uecf-enquiry@sfc.hk to ascertain if you are entitled to any of the monies or securities that remain uncollected. To the extent that these remain uncollected at the time of the commencement of the winding down process of the Fund, the SFC will proceed to deal with them in accordance with the law, including applying to pay them into court or to sell or otherwise dispose of them (including by forfeiture thereof) as the SFC sees fit under the Trustee Ordinance where appropriate.

Last update: 13 Nov 2023

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