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WINGS is a common platform for SFC electronic forms and submission services. The electronic functions for licensing services on WINGS ("WINGS-LIC") support various licensing related functions, including

  • electronic submission of web-based licensing forms for licence applications, notifications and annual returns;
  • electronic signature of licensing forms;

  • electronic payment of licensing related fees, and 

  • designated two-way communication channel with licensing case officers of the SFC, ie, WINGS Mail, etc.

More details can be found on WINGS website and a video on digitalised licensing services. 

In addition to the website version, the WINGS  Mobile App offers an alternative access to WINGS' services.  A number of key features have been built in in WINGS Mobile App to facilitate a fully digitalised application process, such as tracking of submission history, electronic payment and WINGS Mail. You can also access your information profile and signing application electronically via the app.

For both corporate and individual applicants , if you wish to apply for a licence or registration, you should submit your online application to the SFC through an "Individual Account" or "sub-account of an Advisory Firm Account" on WINGS-LIC.  Please refer to the user guides and online demo of WINGS on the SFC's website on how to open a WINGS account and how to prepare an application on WINGS-LIC. 

Last update: 21 Sep 2022

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