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Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance exemptions

Prospectuses in respect of shares or debentures(bonds, notes, etc) listed or proposed to be listed are authorized for registration by The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd, but the power to grant exemptions rests with the SFC.

The webpage at the hyperlink below relates only to prospectuses for offers of shares or debentures requiring an SFC exemption prior to registration under the Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (which was known as Companies Ordinance prior to 3 March 2014) and in accordance with section 38A(6) or section 342A(6).

Particulars of exemptions granted by the SFC on or after 1 July 2004 under section 38A(1) or section 342A(1) of the Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (which was known as Companies Ordinance prior to 3 March 2014) can be found here.

Important note

  • The hyperlink above has been compiled on a best-effort basis. Please contact us at enquiry@sfc.hk if you have any questions. If you wish to access a full version of the prospectuses, please go to the HKExnews site operated by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd (HKEx).
  • For details of the statutory provisions that have been exempted, please refer to the Hong Kong e-Legislation (HKeL) operated by the Department of Justice (DoJ).

Disclaimer: How content is arranged in the HKExnews site and HKeL is solely the remit of HKEx and DoJ respectively. The SFC has no control over and takes no responsibility for the availability and searchability of such information.

Last update: 7 Mar 2017

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