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CSR activities

People and the community

  • Community service partnerships: We have partnered with a number of community service organisations to arrange volunteering events with different community groups, including the elderly and underprivileged children.
  • Staff donations: Besides contributing their time, our staff also make charitable donations to worthy causes. These include both monetary contributions and donations of used goods.
  • Health and wellness: We regularly organise talks and seminars on health and wellness topics. On-site influenza vaccinations, health screening programmes and thematic campaigns, such as Wellness Month, are held from time to time.
  • Geo-tours and green workshops: Outings such as ecological tours and low-carbon diet workshops help acquaint our staff with environmental conservation and sustainable development. 
  • Commitment to environmental protection: We support the World Wide Fund’s climate change and environmental protection efforts, including the No Shark Fins Policy and the Earth Hour campaign.


  • Green guidelines and waste management: Green guidelines detail how staff can help conserve the environment by changing their habits. Recycle bins are available in our office premises.
  • Paper reduction: To reduce paper consumption, we have introduced electronic data management, licensing application and financial return systems. We promote printing reduction measures. Besides implementing duplex printing, green tips are posted near photocopiers to remind staff to "think twice before copying".

For more on our CSR programmes, please refer to our annual report.

Last update: 3 Dec 2019

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