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Advisory Committee


Advises the SFC on matters of policy regarding the performance of its functions.

Members' Particulars 

Name Company/Firm
English Chinese Name
LUI Tim Leung, Tim, GBS, JP (Chairman) 雷添良,GBS,JP Securities and Futures Commission
LEUNG Fung Yee Julia, SBS, JP (Ex officio Member) 梁鳳儀,SBS,JP Securities and Futures Commission 
Professor CAI Hongbin 蔡洪濱教授 The University of Hong Kong
Securities and Futures Commission
Dr JIA Hongrui 賈紅睿博士 SPDB International Holdings Limited
LEUNG Chung Yin Rico 梁仲賢  Securities and Futures Commission
LI Tong 李彤 Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited 
MEYER Phillip 馬飛列 Oasis Management Company Limited
NG Siu Mui Fion 吳少梅
Chief Group Limited
TSE Yung Hoi, BBS 謝湧海,BBS BOCI-Prudential Asset Management Limited
WONG Tsu Hing Harold, JP 王祖興,JP Dah Sing Bank Limited
WONG Wai Man June 黃慧敏 Value Partners Group Limited
YIU Ka Yan Wilfred 姚嘉仁 Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

Members' term of appointment: 1 June 2023 to 31 May 2025.  


Last update: 13 Jun 2024

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