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Performance pledges

In fulfilling our regulatory functions, we pledge to be responsive to the public, market participants, and the intermediaries under our supervision:

Items Performance pledge
Applications for subordinated loan or modification/waiver of requirements under the Securities and Futures Ordinance Commence review of application upon receipt

2 business days 

Authorisation/registration of  investment products1 Take-up of applications upon receipt 5 or 2 business days2
Preliminary response to applications after take-up for paper gold schemes, private open-ended fund companies, Thai domiciled funds under the Mutual Recognition of Funds between Thailand and Hong Kong (Thai-HK MRF) and Hong Kong-domiciled feeder funds each investing in a single Thai-domiciled master fund that meets the requirements under the Thai-HK MRF
7 business days
Preliminary response to applications after take-up for other products 14 business days
General enquiries Preliminary replies 5 business days
Processing of licensing applications Corporations 15 weeks
Representatives (provisional licences) 7 business days
Representatives (normal licences) 8 weeks
Representatives (responsible officers) 10 weeks
Transfer of accreditation 7 business days
Complaints against intermediaries and market activities Preliminary response 2 weeks
Applications and related documents under the Takeovers Code and Share Buy-backs Code -- Details

1Compliance with our performance pledges is measured in relation to applications in respect of which all of the required documentation is supplied by the applicants in a comprehensive manner.

2The pledge of 5 business days is applicable to the authorisation of the following products:

  • Unit trusts and mutual funds
  • Mandatory provident fund products (including pooled investment funds)
  • Pooled retirement funds
  • Real estate investment trusts
  • Investment-linked assurance schemes 

The pledge of 2 business days is applicable to the authorisation of other products (which include paper gold schemes), and the registration of  private open-ended fund companies.

Last update: 1 Nov 2021

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